New telephone numbers for the Netherlands Coastguard

22-07-2022    10:43 hour

The operational telephone number of the Netherlands Coastguard has changed. From today, the Netherlands Coastguard Centre can be reached at +31 (0) 88 - 958 4000 . The new emergency number for international calls is +31 88 - 958 4040. The emergency number for national calls remains 0900-0111. All emergency services, partner organisations and other stakeholders should use the new numbers from now on. Calls to the old 0223 numbers will be forwarded for the time being, but that will eventually be discontinued. So don’t wait to change the 0223 numbers!

Collega op het Kustwachtcentrum


It is essential that you remove the Netherlands Coastguard’s old 0223 numbers from all systems. This includes not only your own telephone, but also telephone exchanges, notebooks, internal telephone lists, forms, procedures and emergency plans, for example. Then add the new operational telephone number +31 (0) 88 - 958 4000 and the international emergency number +31 88 - 958 4040. The emergency number for national calls remains 0900-0111.

Radio Medical Service

Doctors from the Radio Medical Service are available via the Netherlands Coastguard 24/7. The Radio Medical Service is part of the Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Institution. The Netherlands Coastguard will put callers in contact with a doctor. You can reach the Radio Medical Service on the new telephone number +31 88 - 958 4020.

Telephone number for the press

The telephone number for press questions has also changed. The new number +31 (0) 88- 950 2222 is available to the press 24/7 during incidents and emergencies.

New telephone exchange

The change is the result of the Netherlands Coastguard adopting a new telephone exchange system. It means that all 0223 numbers have been replaced. Eventually it will no longer be possible to reach the Netherlands Coastguard on the 0223 numbers. Calls to the old numbers will be forwarded for a limited period of time.

Other  Netherlands Coastguard 0223 numbers

If you have other 0223 numbers that you use to call the Netherlands Coastguard, please ask your Netherlands Coastguard contact person which numbers to use in future.

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