Call our emergency number +31 88 - 958 4040 immediately in the event of danger! For operational matters, the control room can be reached at +31 (0) 88 - 958 4000 or by email at . You can use the contact form to send us your questions and/or comments.

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Emergency assistance

Emergency assistance is required if there is a danger to life and/or vessels.

Coastguard incident room (24/7)

EMERGENCY NUMBER +31 88 - 958 4040 (or 0900-0111 for national calls at local rates)

Emergency number: +31 88 - 958 4040 (or 0900-0111 for national calls)
Operational number: +31 (0) 88 - 958 4000
Radio: Permanent listening watch on VHF channel 16
DSC: VHF channel 70 and MF 2187,5 kHz
MMSI number: 002442000
SAR Call Sign: Den Helder Rescue
For other matters: Nederlandse Kustwacht of Netherlands Coastguard
Fax: +31 (0) 223 - 65 83 58

Important information when reporting

Specific information is important when reporting an emergency to the Coastguard Centre:

name of the vessel, person
the situation / type of vessel / colour / size
(geographic) position / sailing route / itinerary / schedule
type of assistance needed
time of last recorded contact or known location

General questions

We do not have a telephone number for general enquiries. These can be made via the contact form below or by e-mail at (during business hours). We do have a separate form for complaints. If you have lost your surfing equipment, please notify the Coastguard Centre immediately at +31 (0) 88 - 958 4000 </a!

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Address and route

The Coastguard is located at the naval base in Den Helder. To visit us, you need to make an appointment. So make an appointment with your contact and remember to bring a valid ID. This must be shown to the guard in order to gain access to the naval base. Keep in mind that it takes extra time to get to the naval base, because you have to report to the guard. And finally: the Coastguard is a crisis organisation. This means that if an incident occurs, the visit can be cancelled. This may happen at (very) short notice.

Visiting address

Den Helder Naval Base
Coastguard Centre
Rijkszee- en Marinehaven 1
1781 ZZ Den Helder

Postal address

Coastguard Centre
PO Box 10000
1780 CA Den Helder

Locatie Kustwacht


What we do

A summary of our work.

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