16th Governing Council Meeting of ReCAAP Information Sharing Centre

26-04-2022    10:26 hour

The ReCAAP Information Sharing Centre convened its 16th Governing Council (GC) Meeting on 15 and 16 March 2022 virtually, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Meeting was chaired by Acting Chairperson of ReCAAP ISC Governing Council, Ms Laila Jesmin (Bangladesh Governor), and was attended by the Governors/Representatives of the 21 ReCAAP Contracting Parties (Annex). On 16 March, an Open Session of the GC Meeting was organised with External Participants from three countries and 18 organisations to share the Centre’s key activities in 2021 and 2022.

  1. At the 16th GC Meeting, the Council expressed appreciation for the Centre’s continued commitment in protecting crew, vessels and cargo from piracy and armed robbery against ships in Asia through its key missions of information sharing, capacity building as well as cooperative arrangements with the maritime community.
  2. The Council reviewed the Centre’s activities in 2021. The Council noted that the Centre had continued most of its activities by intensive use of virtual platforms. The Council appreciated that the Centre’s core function of information sharing continued undisrupted through its Information Network (IFN) and other digital platforms. The Council also commended the Centre’s efforts in the areas of capacity building activities for ReCAAP Focal Points as well as engagement with the shipping industry by virtual modality.
  3. The Council deliberated on the Centre’s Workplan and the Budget for FY2022. The Council endorsed the Centre’s planning to continue its activities by virtual platform, and consider the possibility of in-person or hybrid meetings pending the situation of COVID-19 in FY 2022. The Council approved the budget for FY2022 proposed by the Secretariat. The Council also deliberated on the three-year Workplan for FY2022-FY2024 as well as the Action Plan of Roadmap as medium-term and long-term plans to guide the activities of the Centre.
  4. The Council appreciated the Centre’s efforts to update the “Regional Guide to Combat Piracy and Armed Robbery against Ships in Asia” with the contribution of the Working Group members and expected that the updated Guide, Regional Guide version 2, will be a useful and practical guide for the shipping industry. The Regional Guide version 2 is available on the Centre’s website (
  5. The Council recognised the importance of cooperation with all countries listed in Article 18(1) of the ReCAAP Agreement, in order to collectively address maritime challenges, and agreed to further promote operational cooperation with those who have yet to accede to the Agreement.
  6. The Council welcomed the first participation of the Governor from the Federal Republic of Germany in the GC Meeting since Germany ‘s accession to the ReCAAPas the twenty-first Contracting Party on 1 August 2021. The Council was updated on the ongoing accession process of Greece and France. The Council expressed its support for the intention of both countries to join the ReCAAP and expected a smooth accession process for the two countries.
  7. The Council noted the presentation made by the Secretariat on the situation of piracy and armed robbery against ships in Asia in 2021. There were 82 incidents of armed robbery against ships reported in Asia in 2021, comprising 77 actual incidents and 5 attempted incidents. This represents a decrease of 15% compared to 2020. However, there was an increase of incidents in the Singapore Strait, mostly in the eastbound lane of the Traffic Separation Scheme, and the threat of abduction of crew in the Sulu-Celebes Seas remained high.
  8. The Council elected the Philippines as Chairperson and Bangladesh will remain as Vice Chairperson of the Governing Council for the period from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2024.
  9. The Council welcomed the 6th Executive Director (ED), Mr. Krishnaswamy Natarajan, chosen and appointed by the Governing Council on 5 August 2021, to assume the post of ED for three-years’ term from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2025.The incumbent Executive Director, Mr. Masafumi Kuroki, will complete his term of the 5th ED on 31 March. The Council expressed its heartfelt gratitude and appreciation towards Mr. Kuroki for his years of dedicated service and the pivotal role he played in working with the 21 Contracting Parties to address piracy and armed robbery against ships in Asia.
  10. The 17th Governing Council Meeting of the ReCAAP ISC is scheduled to be held in the week of 13-17 March 2023 in Singapore.

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