The information on this website can be viewed by everyone, even if it is no longer on our website. Old information can be found in our archive. A copy of our website is made daily. Do you want to know what was previously on this website? Then look in the archives of the Netherlands Coastguard.

How does the web archive work?

The web archive makes automatically a daily copy of the entire website You can use the web archive in 2 ways:

  • You can navigate through the site on a particular day in the past by choosing a date on the calendar (in the gray bar on the left of the screen). You can go back to October 1, 2021.
  • You can search the site using the search bar (below the calendar). The search box at the top right of the page does not work in the web archive.

New website 2022

The website of the Netherlands Coastguard website was renewed in 2022. The website has been rearranged, pages have been rewritten and there is a new layout. Not all newsitems have been copied, but they can be found in the archive.



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