At the seaside

Planning a day at the beach? Sounds great! But do make sure you are well prepared. Various organisations provide information to help you prepare. On YouTube you can also find videos that explain gullies, supervised beaches and more. We have already collected several of them on this page.

People in the sea and on the beach

Wristbands for children

Prevent your child from getting lost! Give your child a wristband with your name and mobile number. Then if they do get lost on the beach, their adult can be reached easily. This can prevent the need for a search on the beach. Such wristbands are sold by different organisations (such as the lifesaving brigades). Sometimes lifesaving brigades hand them out on the beach.

Lifesaving brigade sells wristbands for children. Should the child get lost, their responsible adult can be contacted.

Swimming water

The Netherlands has over 700 designated seaside and other locations for safe swimming. You can find them by visiting or in the ZwemwaterApp. At these locations, water quality and safety are checked regularly. All the designated swimming locations are listed on the website and can be recognised on site by the blue information signs placed by the provincial authorities. 

Numbered posts on the beach near Katwijk and Noordwijk. When reporting an emergency, you can refer to the number so the incident room knows where you are.

Location reporting on the beach

When you call an emergency number, whether that is 0900-0111 (national calls), +31 (0)88 – 958 4040, or 112, the incident room operators will first ask you for the location of the accident. But what do you tell them when you are somewhere on the beach? Katwijk, Noordwijk and other beaches have numbered beach posts every 250 metres. Report the number on the seaward side of the post to the incident room, and they will know your location.


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