Radio Medical Advice

Due to international regulations and agreements it is the duty of The Netherlands to maintain a Radio Medical Service for the benefit of seafarers to give medical advise in case of illness or incidents on board of ships. The Royal Netherlands Sea Rescue Organization is responsible for the provision of radio medical advice (RMA).
All requests for RMA through INMARSAT-telex and email ( (Urgent MEDEVAC) (Regular MEDICAL) (Non-Urgent), are automatically relayed to the doctor in charge by means of a computer network and the Coastguard Centre by the satellite earth station ‘Stratos’ in Burum, The Netherlands.

In case of RMA-requests, not received by INMARSAT-telex, but through radio (VHF/MF), INMARSAT B/F/M or telephone (nr. +31 223 542500), the Coastguard Centre ensures that the vessel makes contact with the doctor in charge.