What we do

The Coastguard Centre coordinates and caries out 15 operational tasks (the Coastguard tasks) for six ministries in the Dutch part of the North Sea.

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The Coastguard tasks can be devided in Provision of service tasks and Law enforcement tasks.

Provision of service tasks:

  • Monitoring, handling and coordinating national and international Distress, Urgency and Safety radio traffic;
  • Maritime assistance and Search and Rescue;
  • Limiting and dealing with the aftermath of disasters and incidents;
  • Wherever necessary, implementing vessel traffic services (buoys, vessel traffic service, instructions)
  • Maritime traffic research
  • Clearing out explosives

Law enforcement tasks:

  • Maintaining law and order (police)
  • Monitoring import, export and transit of goods (customs)
  • Upholding laws regarding environment, sea fishing, nautical traffic, ships equipment and offshore activities
  • Border control