Request 'North Sea Activity (NSA)'

For the benefit of the safety of the shipping traffic a navigational warning can be requested at the Netherlands Coastguard in Den Helder. Sometimes this is even compulsory as mentioned in the issued license. This is also mentioned in the Mijnbouwbesluit, the Shipping Regulation territorial sea and SOLAS V agreement of 1974 (Safety Of Life At Sea). Navigational warnings will be send by NAVTEX every four hours. See for more information about NAVTEX ALRS volume 5.

A request for a navigational warning can be presented by means of a form. Mail this form to, att. Nautical Management.

A single transmission costs € 19,96 (in total € 119,76 per day). A start rate of € 32,50 will be calculated. On the bill you will find these amounts, including the costs (€19,96) for withdrawal of the safety message.

In case of questions you can contact Netherlands Coastguard, telephonenumer +31 223 542300 or e-mail