On this page you will find the newsletters in PDF format. published by the Netherlands Coastguard

Newsletter 49E (January 2014)
- NAVTEX transmission schedule NAVAREA 1

Newsletter 48E (July 2013)
- Satellite equipment without GMDSS support

Newsletter 47E (January 2013)
- Summary manned Lighthouses and Traffic centres along the Dutch coast.

News letter 46E (June 2012)
- Radio Medical Service

Newsletter 41E (July 2007)
- Coastguard vhf and mf/hf transmit and receive locations.

Newsletter 34E (March 2004)
- Unnecessary alerting of rescue units.

Newsletter 29E (July 2002)
- Weather forecast transmissions for Northsea and Dutch coastal- and larger inland waters.

Newsletter 18E (nov 2000, updated dec2013)
- Broadcast of Safety messages.